Cherry Tree Boudoir is an empowerment oriented studio that encourages you to embrace your inner storm
and exclaim that 
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The world's a stage and we're all playing a role. I know that my role is to help people see their value in their physical vehicles -- the bodies that their spirits reside in.

And I don't care if I'm not solving world hunger, global warming, lobbying politicians, or researching the next life saving medications.

I'm doing something that feels right.

This is why I travel to wherever I'm needed.
This is why I make my prices reasonable.
This is why I offer no interest payment plans without credit checks.
This is why I removed the gates I was accidentally keeping by requiring larger retainers, full hair and makeup services, and picture-perfect shooting spaces.

My photography is about celebrating bodies, and self-loving
in action
in print.

It's about serving you, and about having a
fun fucking time.

Cherry Tree Boudoir is a traveling boudoir photography brand empowering all people across the United States and beyond.

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