Who is Ella Pierce and who is Shanae Smith


You may notice two names floating around here that appear to describe one person. And that's true, I am both of them. Why do I have two names? 

Shanae Smith started Cherry Tree Boudoir in August of 2016. This is my real name, legal name, what-have-you. This is what my friends and family know me as.  

Ella Shiloe Pierce is a way to differentiate my artwork away from Cherry Tree Boudoir and Shanae Smith, a pen name for an artist if you will.  

Ella Shiloe Pierce is a way to differentiate my artwork away from Cherry Tree Boudoir and Shanae Smith, a pen name for an artist if you will.  

Yes this absolutely is a snapchat filter - I'm a real person after all. 

If I were to set up a dating profile online this is what my bio would look something like:  

I'm an alpha female who loves new experiences, live music, traveling and generally kicking ass and doing cool stuff. I also watch too much youtube and I eat for fun too much. I like astrology & tarot, stargazing, swimming in rivers and laying in the grass. 

[Jeremy would this have enticed you? Asking for a friend.]

Whats the purpose 

of each Brand

Cherry Tree Boudoir     Shanae Smith


Cherry Tree Boudoir is an empowerment oriented studio focusing on showing women that they can take life by the horns and commit to themselves. We believe in holding yourself accountable for your dreams, equality, determination, and revolution. 

In other words -- you come to me for your own session where you control the privacy level. You are a regular woman who wants to feel sexy and experience boudoir session. Your artwork is never sold to anyone but you. 

Ella Shiloe Pierce

Ella Pierce is an adventurous creator. I entertain and encourage people looking to do cool shit. I promise to empower you to live a life worth talking about. Through my art and content, I promise to empower you to live your dreams, go to the places you want to go to, talk to the people you want to talk to, and fight through your comfort zone. I promise to share my experience and to build a community of others who want to enact their dreams. 

In other words -- I create really cool art pieces and concepts using models and more complex and themed environments. These models are compensated for their part in creating the artwork and are used in a for-sale manner. You are not a regular woman looking to experience a boudoir session, you are a model who is making for-sale art work with me, are a clothing or other brand, are creating marketing content, are an artist yourself looking to showcase your brand, etc. 

How I think Cherry Tree

can help you

I'm not sentimental. I don't keep many moments, and I don't care about spicing up your marriage. YES, it is an absolutely beautiful and exciting side effect that some couples experience after a woman goes through a session. 

What I care about is helping you change your life in an amazing way. Seeing you see yourself in a new way.

If your marriage is going to be spiced up by a boudoir session it will not be because 

"he is spiced up" by the photos. 

Its because you will be

You need to see your photos, every day if possible. Because when you do regardless of whether you wear lingerie under your work clothes, or have a professional makeup artist in your bathroom getting you ready everyday, you will realize that that woman never leaves you. 

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