Cherry Tree Boudoir takes your privacy seriously. 

With a business such as boudoir photography I am completely aware that some clients may not want their photos to be released online, or in print. You are always in control of what photos are used in any way shape or form. Some clients may choose to decline showing photos online but allow them to be shown in person, or choose to keep their photos completely private. 

I am always extremely grateful when clients allow me to showcase their artwork both online and in print, however I recognize that not everyone is this open. 

Your information is also protected. You will never receive spam emails from Cherry Tree Boudoir. Your images (or personal information) will never be sold online or in person to anyone. 

If you would like more information about our privacy policy, click here. 

Cherry Tree Boudoir is a traveling boudoir photography brand empowering all people across the United States and beyond.

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