"she made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed."

I wasn’t sure how the pictures would turn out but after she showed me some of them -- without even the edit I was amazed! I was super nervous! It’s an over all awesome experience! She made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed. She helped me through everything from posing to outfits. I enjoyed the entire experience! Definitely out of my comfort zone. I’ve never done a photo shoot, let alone with lingerie for my first time, but it was a blast and I would definitely do it again!

In her vision, captured me in ways I have never seen captured before." 

 I could tell by looking at the pictures she had taken that she has an amazing eye for photography and very artistic. I am glad I stayed true to who I am and my pictures showed me - not some fantasy idea. My biggest concern with hiring her for the photo shoot was primarily because I am out of the local area, so I thought it might be harder to get things accomplished.  I found that not to be true at all.  We had a couple great phone calls to get to know each other. I did this to celebrate myself and my 50th birthday!  You're not too old to do this!!!  I couldn't have picked anything better!  From the moment I walked into the door of the photo shoot location, she put me at complete ease, and after that it was SO MUCH FUN!!  I laughed so much, and in her vision, captured me in ways I have never seen captured before.  For the first time in my life I felt beautiful, empowered, and unstoppable! You  absolutely deserve this for yourself!  No matter how you think you feel about your body or any other insecurity,  GO!  See for yourself the magic that WILL happen!

No Photo Released

"I felt bold and sexy, totally beautiful and confident."

My shoot had an out door aspect and they made me feel like a golden goddess of the forest.  I loved my dramatic look because I have never done such a look and it made me feel so confident. I thought I would be stiff or awkward but she helped me relax and feel very confident in all my poses and especially helped me embrace my natural curves. I really felt like I got to tap into that inner sexy woman.  As the shoot progressed I felt more and more confident and beautiful. This was one of the most liberating experiences.  I felt bold and sexy, totally beautiful and confident. 

A note from him

I received the artwork.  The first thing I noticed was the glow she had when she came home. Even before I saw any pictures I knew it was worth the money for how the entire process made her feel.  When I did finally get to see the pictures (she waited until my birthday for the surprise) I was blown away. Not to be cheesy but it looked as if she's been modeling for years, so confident and comfortable and the quality was above anything I could have imagined. The entire experience was beyond anything we could have dreamed of.

"I felt comfortable knowing I could talk to you." 

 I think my biggest concern before hiring you was mostly how I would look in the photos or what they would turn out like. It was as far from coming true as could possibly be, you always made sure I knew what you were looking for, and that I was comfortable! I also thought it was such a great added bonus that you were so open to my ideas! My favorite part about the whole experience was how well we got along. From the first email I felt comfortable knowing I could talk to you about any ideas or concerns I may have. Not only that, it made the whole experience that much more fun to know it was like shooting with a friend! You made the whole thing such an amazing experience. I always felt comfortable, I didn't really have the nerves that I thought I would have, and I was always laughing! I felt like I was fully prepared, and you made sure I had all the information I needed and then some! It was super easy to come to you with questions if I had any!

"The experience makes you feel empowered and sexy."

[I was worried when I booked] that I would feel uncomfortable or self conscious but I felt relaxed and excited. I liked the hair and makeup, it made me feel pretty. Do it! The experience makes you feel empowered and sexy.

My Dearest  T.

"Will I be pretty enough? Will I be able to hide all my flaws?"

[I wondered] will I be pretty enough? Will I be able to hide all my flaws? She is amazing! She created gorgeous artwork of me, hiding all my concerns and flaws to make me feel absolutely gorgeous! I would have to say my favorite part of the photo shoot was the reveal of how beautiful I truly was, I had no more self doubt but absolutely stunning photos of myself in front of me. Have fun! Trust her! Shake the nerves off and stretch twice!

No Photo Released

"of course everyone is nervous before the shoot..."

I was nervous I wouldn't like my pictures. It didn't come true, I LOVE them! She took the photos from all the right angles and helped me to pose best for my body. [To others considering Cherry Tree Boudoir] I would explain that of course everyone is nervous before the shoot but after those first few shots everything just becomes so fun! I can't say thank you enough!

"An experience with Cherry Tree Boudoir is one that you couldn't forget in a million years."

An experience with Cherry Tree Boudoir is one that you couldn't forget in a million years. From the moment you arrive, you not only feel welcome, but also as if you belong. The only disappointing thing is when the time is over. But thankfully, you can always do it again! My biggest fear was not looking as sexy as the idea I had in my head, but you blew it out of the water and made it look so much better! My favorite part was how much fun it was! From poses and places to laughs! You made me extremely relaxed and feel so comfortable that I would recommend you to anybody for any kind of photo set that they may need. The experience was A+. 

"Thank you for one of the most uplifting experiences of my life."

I didn't really have concerns at all. I was mostly just really excited! I loved every minute and felt so pampered and comfortable. I enjoyed all of the session, but my first outfit was the best and my favorite part of it all. I felt so beautiful right from the start. I would say that this is not an experience you can pass up. There is nothing else in the world that could make you feel like this does. It is truly a remarkable feeling, and as a photographer, you could not have done a better job! Thank you for one of the most uplifting experiences of my life. 

Cherry Tree Boudoir is a traveling boudoir photography brand empowering all people across the United States and beyond.

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