How I Can Guarantee You'll Love Your Photos

So I have to tell you about about a client that I recently worked with. She came to me and said "I just want to get a couple, just something to put in a box for my husband for his birthday."

"I don't need much, just maybe four or five.”

Listen -- if you come to me and say I only need a couple, that is totally cool. You're going to get the same experience as someone who comes to me and says

"I already know I want the platinum Twilight. Here's my credit card you might as well just charge it now.”

(Kidding that's not how this business works ;).)

One of the things that sets my business apart from other photographers is that I do not require you to select a package up front.

“Yes, your photos are absolutely beautiful…but I don’t look like that.”

It is my top priority that you love every single image that you purchase. It’s my opinion that it's impossible to guess how many photos you’re going to go home with, because deep down, most can’t believe that they’re going to look as incredible as the people who are in my portfolio.

And you know what, that is absolutely NOT a surprise. It's normal to feel like you’re the odd one out — I believe that you will love your photos.

And if you don’t, then there’s no reason to worry, because you won’t have to buy any.

There are other reasons why I think that this is the only way to truly offer an incredible experience.

Aside from the retainer, this is a risk free, life changing experience. Cherry Tree Boudoir has a "Love Your Photos Guarantee". So what does this mean?

Great boudoir photos have 4 key ingredients.

A subject who is open to the process — that's you!

A great style that makes them feel confident, both via wardrobe and beauty.

A great environment to shoot in.

A great photographer who directs the subject into poses — that's me!

Spoiler alert— some of the following is for my benefit, and some of the following is for your benefit. I’m trying to run a transparent operation here, people!

1.What if you actually don’t love your photos?

If you absolutely do not love your images, then you’ve got nothing holding you to them. You haven't committed to a package where you *have* to choose 15 photos that you don’t really love, and won't feel that obligation because you already spent money on them.

2. What if you love WAY MORE photos than you thought you would?

It is going to be harder for me to “talk” you into more photos if you’ve already given me money up front. It's way easier for you to walk away when you’ve already spent money than it is to pull your wallet out again! Selling things is a necessary part of staying in business and changing more lives in the future — and it's way easier to let your photos sell themselves!

3. What if you paid for 20 photos, but only love 10?

Wrapped up in the price of the Twilight package is the time that it takes me to edit and create your artwork, but you also receive a lot more products. The Twilight package is more than just “more photos”. It’s also bigger artwork credits, a bigger album, a monthly calendar (!!!!!!), and more. I can’t just give you 10 photos, and make it cheaper.

4. It would be extremely difficult to guarantee that every single person received the same experience otherwise.

We all want to think that we would never act differently because of money. Logically we know that we all are more than the money we make, and more than the money we spendand value doesn’t need to be attached to dollar signs. So to ensure that every photo shoot is the same, there is no money involved until after your shoot.

Directly after your photo shoot, you’ll have a short break, and then you will meet with me and I’ll reveal your photos — and THEN you order ONLY what you love.

I'm am in the business of people being 100% in LOVE with their artwork.

I don't make a single dime unless you're going home with artwork you love.

By the way, the client I was talking about at the beginning?

She bought the top package.

As always, here is a link to book your session if you’re ready.

If you're not ready to book, but you want more information, just check out the expose! It has like, everything you could possibly want to know about having a session with Cherry Tree Boudoir.

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