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December 14, 2018

"Why not try and make yourself?" - Incubus 



For awhile, in my late teens and early 20s, I thought that I needed to find myself. My favorite way to "learn about myself" was via astrology. I was obsessed. (Truthfully I still adore the study of astrology, I just don't keep up with my horoscope as much as I used to.) 


If you're interested my personal planets are listed below! 

Sun-Taurus,  Ascendant - Capricorn, Moon- Scorpio, Mercury - Aries, Venus - Gemini, Mars - Cancer 

Sun/Moon aspect - opposition (FULL MOON!) 



If you think astrology is all mumbo-jumbo-wishy-washy stuff thats okay. I'm not offended by that. What I have found though, is that people who can't find a shred of truth in astrology don't actually know very much about it. They've only read about their sun sign, and have no idea that each planet and their position to each other have an affect on your personality and priorities. This is all decided by the time and location on Earth that you were born. ANYWAY.
I recognized through astrology that you couldn't change people. People were stuck in their own ruts. They would treat you how they wanted to treat you, and think of you whatever way they wanted to think of you. Nothing you could say or do would change them from thinking what they wanted to think. All you can do is lead by example, and hope that some day they choose to look, act and think the way that is best for them. Which might not be best for you.

I’ve said from the very beginning of this entrepreneurship journey that there is absolutely no reason that you need an “excuse” to have a boudoir session. There are so many women out there who want to see themselves like the women in my gallery and would love the experience of getting completely glammed up. There are even a women out there who actually need this experience. They identify as “someone’s something”. They’re a mom. They’re a nurse. They're a wife. They’re a caretaker for their elderly parents. They're a [insert your particular descriptor]. The worst part is that they’re already these things, and no matter what you say or do, these things can not be undone. Even if the situations change — your kids grow up, you get divorced, your parents pass and you’re no longer responsible for them — your descriptor will be amended to a new descriptor. When you were a child you were 'so-and-so's daughter', and that meant something, and since then you've been described as "so-and-so's something". 




You’re a woman. You have your own needs and wants and aspirations, but as women we tend to try and sculpt our lives around the lives of others. You can’t do this because who would take care of the kids? You can’t move there because your job/family/"whole life" is here. You can’t spend a month doing that because who would get everything done? Your whole life and the lives of everyone surrounding you would completely derail in the process. 


You can’t have a boudoir session because you’re not getting married, you're super pregnant right now, you don’t have a significant other, you're overweight, you’ve been diagnosed with a serious illness, your hair is thinning, you have adult acne, you want botox, you’re over 50. STOP. None of these things means anything at all. You want a boudoir session? HAVE ONE. 




When you have realized that the world will move on at its own pace regardless of your actions, thoughts, or perceptions, what is stopping you from making yourself?
Even if your a Taurus who should hate change, want a big luxurious home, and a similarly grounded partner, you can reinvent yourself, and acknowledge that your Mercury in the Third house contradicts all of that and encourages you to keep moving, and choose which life sounds best for you.

Do whatever the hell you want. Make yourself. Be true to yourself. Love yourself.





By the way, if you’re interested in your very own full astrology profile just send me an email, and I’ll fix you up! If you’d rather do it yourself just go to :) 

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