are you a chicken? Is that why you haven't booked?

"Im not photogenic."

"I’m uncomfortable in front of a camera."

"I don’t like lingerie." Be honest, if you think things like this maybe it's because there are parts of you that you refuse to love... I encourage you to go back read “How to choose the sexiest lingerie for YOU” because I have a lot to say about the matter…

Let me remind you of what we’re trying to accomplish here. What do you say to yourself about yourself? How do you talk to your self? Is it easier for you to think of things that you hate than things that you love? If I told you I wanted you to reply with a list of 10 things that you love about your body — no. You know what. I DO WANT YOU TO DO THIS. Send me an email with a list of 10 things that you love about your body. Do it. Do it if you’re not a chicken. Tell me what they are. I’ll tell you mine. I love my lips.

I love my eyelashes. 

I love my shoulders. I love my calves and ankles. I love my feet. I love my cleavage. 

I love my hair color. 

I love my beauty mark next to my nose. I love my freckles on my shoulders. I love my mole on my thigh.

Was this exercise difficult for you? Did you think of something to put on your list and then say, 

“oh actually…no. I don’t like that because of this,”

and then accidentally create a list of 10 things that you would like if it weren’t for [fill in the blank]? Let me show you how my list would look, if I did that, too — because it’s easy to do! I love my lips.
I love my eyelashes [but my eyes are small and lids are hooded].

I love my shoulders [but the arms they’re attached to are flabby]. I love my calves and ankles [but not my thighs]. I love my feet [but my big toes are ugly]. I love my cleavage [when I wear a pushup, otherwise it’s lame]. 

I love my hair color [but my hair’s quality sucks]. 

I love my beauty mark next to my nose [but I wish my nose were smaller]. I love my freckles on my shoulders. I love my mole on my thigh [that I used to hate when I was a little girl because everyone would point it out when I wore shorts]. Is it really true that I only unconditionally love 1 part of my body that is genetic (my lips) and one part of my body that I accidentally mutilated by getting a 2nd degree sunburn when I was 19 and burned new freckles into my now irreversibly sun-damaged shoulders and no that sunburn absolutely wasn’t worth it ow??? Yes. Yes, it is true.

And that's okay because society and excellent marketing teams convince us that we need to hate ourselves. We need to buy into their products -- buying into the fact that we aren’t good, sexy, or beautiful without them. And I’m here to say fuck that! You are good, sexy, and beautiful. And you know what, all you have to do is decide it. If you’re ready to make some artwork with me, you know what to do. 
 Here’s your link!

If you're not quite ready, it's all good. maybe you want to grab the expose instead! It has basically infinite info and inspo for having a session. You should check it out. It's free!

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