Sleepover chat! Today: wardrobe LOOK BOOK!

Hey, did you know that Cherry Tree Boudoir has a wardrobe guide look book?? Check it out below!

Also, In case you missed the last discussion about creating stunna boudoir wardrobe,read this post titled “how to choose the sexiest lingerie for YOU”

We’re going to look at what the top designers are currently offering in their lines, and see what kind of inspiration we can find to round out your sexy wardrobe. Of course you don’t need every style or even every type of style, just the ones that really make you sing. 

As always, I recommend choosing at least TWO of the three categories (Racy, Sweet, & Spicy) when building up a sexy wardrobe.

Here is one example of each, but if you follow across the jump to the full wardrobe guide you’ll see even more, current styles from even more brands! 


lingerie usually dark in color, tight fitting, and relatively structured — think of corsets and wired bras. It’s titillating, and exciting — but not over the top. It is what you probably think of when you think of lingerie.

Photo Credit: Agent Provocateur // Crystelle


lingerie is usually lighter colored, silky, or cozy looking. Think of silky pj sets and rompers, or shorty shorts and light colored crop tops. 

Photo Credit: Fleur of England // Marilyn


lingerie is bondage inspired. It’s usually extremely revealing and has edgy details like leather or studs.

Click above to check out the full wardrobe guide and enjoy checking out the look book from the top designers! 

It’s very much a labor of love — emphasis on the labor — so I am so thankful for you taking the time to check it out! 

If you’re ready to take the leap and book your own session, here is your link!

Or, you could check out the expose. It is jam-packed with info. You should 100% be able to find any answers to any burning questions there!

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