*Before* and AFTER retouching!

Many, MANY times, I have heard these responses from very different people --

"There isn't enough photoshop to make me look like that" "Maybe if I lost weight I could do a photo shoot." "I just can't justify spending the money for something 'like that'." "I don't have a significant other to give these to."

"I'm not getting married." Sometimes people are under the impression that every person I photograph:

•is born with an innate talent for modeling. •is always photogenic. •is already confident. •is happy with their body.

Spoiler alert. This is not the case. The truth is everyone benefits from a professional boudoir photography shoot. But, if you're feeling like these exemplary clients, I've got news for you. This experience change the way you see yourself.

But how? And why?

This is Ashley. She loved her session and images so much that she agreed to let you see the magic behind professional photography. Unretouched images do not capture beauty the same way an eye does. It dulls our hair, accentuates shadows, and encourages our brains to notice redness and other skin details. As a professional photographer, I create artwork that allows our brains to see the final images more similarly to how our eyes see — already compensating for those kinds of things — when we are standing with the person who is the subject of the photograph and of course, adding my own artistic flair. Notice that in the untouched, original photo on the left, Ashley's hair is duller, her face shadowier, her skin much redder, and the couch squishes her nice booty.

The photo just doesn't seem "done", even though it was taken with an incredible high resolution professional camera. There is more to it than just pushing a button and standing in the right place!

I will make sure that your skin is flawless, and that you look the absolute best version of yourself.

That being said, I don't do whats called "body reshaping".

That is not the way to remember your life. You don't need body reshaping.

You don’t even need to alter your body in any way.

Do it now. The camera will not add 10 lbs and losing 10 lbs will not change your photos.

If you do lose a significant amount of weight or reach a fitness goal, have another photo shoot to document the gorgeous person you were, and the amazing journey that you're experiencing, then.

There is literally not a better time to document your current self.

Do it for the 80 year old you of the future sitting on a porch drinking lemonade. Remember your tattoos how they look now. Remember this version of you, because it’s pretty damn cool.

Enjoy your life.

Experience it with vigor.

You won't regret doing this.

You won’t regret doing it now.

But you might regret not doing it.

Here’s your link to book, friend!

Oh, jeeze, I almost forgot to give you the link to the expose. Here you go! What are you waiting for!

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