Hm, is this why you haven't booked yet?

"It’s too expensive." /Sigh. Is it really though?

If you had a “good excuse” to do it would you take out your wallet?

If you were getting married could you find a way to justify the purchase then? What if you found out that you had cancer or were pregnant with your first child?

Could you dig into your pockets to commemorate the body that you have, as you have it now? Could you agree to the payment plan so that this version of you can be time-capsuled? There’s no interest, or credit checks. You’re the only one who is holding yourself back. You’re already aware that all the money that you spend in your life is based on some kind of value system. You don’t buy the cheapest of everything, and the items that you do purchase aren’t only survival necessities. Some of the items or services that you purchase are because it makes your life richer. If you are being honest with yourself, you know that when your mind says “it’s too expensive” it’s because you don’t believe that you’re worth spending the money on.

Your mind will play lots of tricks on you, it will say things like -- “This money is better spent elsewhere.” “It’s foolish to spend this money on yourself.”

"You could spend it on 'this thing' for that person.” But dig deeper.

Why don’t you think that you’re worth it? I already know that you are.

If you’re ready, here’s the booking link.

If you're not ready to book your session and want some more info, everything you could want to know is inside of the Cherry Tree Boudoir Expose. Click below to sign up for access!

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