How to choose the sexiest lingerie for YOU

Whether you’re sitting around the house or going out for a night on the town, paying close attention to the details is the key for choosing any outfit -- even a show-stopping, sexy boudoir costume.

Luckily, I’m here to assist you on the trip.

Picking out lingerie may seem daunting, but finding lingerie that you adore and can't wait to put on should be one of the most exciting parts of being an adult! After all, you really can make anything sexy. Many of my favorite looks have included something out of the ordinary!


Before we get too far we need to discuss something else.

As a culture who views sex as a "topic" -- and sexiness manifested as something that is bold -- it's normal to think that you're making a statement by having a boudoir session.

You are making a statement -- a statement to yourself.  

What are you going to say?

I won't find anything that fits me well.

I'll look terrible in all of it.

Jeeze, I need to do something about THIS...

while you point to your (blank).

Stop doing this to yourself.

Stop thinking that you should look perfect.

Stop over analyzing the situation.

Try this instead --

Okay, great, now that we’re all on the same page and mending the language we talk to ourselves with, we can discuss what you’re really here for —

How to pick out the best lingerie for you!

My recommendation is, as always, that you have at least TWO of the three categories (Racy, Sweet, & Spicy) when building up a sexy wardrobe.

Racy lingerie is what you probably think of when you think of lingerie. It’s usually dark in color, tight fitting, and relatively structured — think corsets and wired bras. Titillating and exciting — but not super “over-the-top”.

Sweet lingerie is usually lighter colored, silky, or cozy looking. I think of PJ sets and rompers, or shorty shorts and light colored crop tops.

Spicy lingerie is bondage inspired. It’s extremely revealing and has edgy details like leather, studs, cagey/bandage style wraps.

Once you have decided which category fits your taste, it’s time to figure out the silhouette that works best for you. Ask yourself honestly what parts of your body makes you the happiest, and what parts don’t.

Remember, we are being fair to ourselves from here on out. It’s okay to not love every detail of your body, but instead of hating it, we’re giving it the space it deserves and working with it.

[Also notice I didn’t ask what your partner or past partner’s favorite parts of you are …]

Check out this handy-dandy chart to figure out what kinds of outfits you might like the best.

Consider some of these more overlooked options to pair with lingerie for a out-of-this-world-sexy wardrobe:

•cozy blankets

•oversized sweaters


•oversized or men's clothing - blazers/suit coats, dress shirts, jerseys, ribbed tanks, sentimental tees

•daisy dukes

•crop tops


•swim coverups

Don't rush the shopping process. Your boudoir wardrobe isn't a swim suit that you'll just wear a coverup with and shove it in your closet. Choose something with intention. Invest in the pieces that really make you feel like a million-billion-trillion bucks, and recognize when you're being unfair to yourself.

Don't forget! —  no wardrobe would be complete without attention to:

•statement jewelry


•proper bra for the outfit

•sexy tights

•nipple petals (if necessary) or pasties (for fun!)

Remember that buying and wearing lingerie is meant to be fun. Be compassionate with

yourself and enjoy the process of finding what makes you feel like a freakin’ divine being.

Here is a link for you, for when you’re ready to book your own shoot.

Oh, you aren't ready to book yet? That's okay. You should get the expose! It's got all the info you could really want to know. Seriously! Its free!

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