I bet I figured out why you haven't booked yet.

You don’t have a significant other, or a fiancé, or you're not getting married, or you’re SUPER pregnant, or your …. I don't know I’ve run out of silly but also understandable excuses that you might have…

But you get the point, right? You feel like you need to have an excuse to have a session.  And that is something that really annoys me. People pigeon hole boudoir photography as something that is for young women, confident people — or worse, gifts to men.

But that's ludicrous because to be honest with you the majority of people who I’ve photographed aren’t having a session because of any of those reasons. 

But the many of the people who come to me have come because there is something that they’re healing from. 

Many of the people that I’ve photographed have been 

victims of unhappy marriages

chronically underappreciated.

victims of sexual violence 

diagnosed with a chronic illness. 

But maybe that’s not you. Maybe you don’t have these wounds to heal. 

In fact, I would wager that many of my past clients

didn’t even know why they wanted one, 

or what kind of solution they were finding, 

or what kind of problem they didn’t even know they had. 

That was a little bit convoluted, I know, and honestly I’m not going to even go back and make sure that it grammatically made sense. I’m just going to keep on trucking to basically reiterate that 

you might not know why you need one. You just need one. If you’re being called to have one. You should have one. 

If that's you…then you know what to do. 

Are you going to tell me that you still, for some inexplicable reason, still haven't taken a look at the expose?? It's literally free, what is holding you back??

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