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The first question that people ask me when they found out that I am boudoir photographer, is whether or not I have a studio. A lot of people think that boudoir sessions require a studio, but I personally think that is an error, and I want to explain the benefits of choosing a non-studio location for your boudoir session, and give you some tips on where to consider. 

Back in the day, I used to take control of the environment for photo shoots. During the COVID pandemic it became apparent that I was very vulnerable in this area as they became more expensive and less available. I realized how it would be impossible to balance shooting locations and makeup artists, especially across the country or world -- especially when so many people have access to one of a kind, super unique and amazing shooting locations.

Why is a non-studio location better than a studio location? 

1. I pass the savings on to you. I have significantly lower pricing than many other professional boudoir photographers, and especially specialist boudoir photographers. Part of the reason that I do this is to keep boudoir photography accessible to everyone.  

2. Your photos will be even more unique that way. You won't be twinning with all the other people that you see on my gallery.

3. You can choose how familiar you want your photos to be. There's something special about having photos in your own home to some people. But it sounds lame to others, it just depends on your own personal opinion.

4. You choose if you want to spend money on a shooting location this way. I used to charge a much more expensive retainer so I could rent airbnbs, but after COVID everything got a lot more expensive and unreliable. I realized I was vulnerable in this way. Now instead of charging $500 or even more for a retainer, I leave it up to you to choose if you want to spend money on that or not.

5. You might have an awesome location to shoot in that I would never know about. Lake cabins, family/friend's houses, businesses after hours, maybe you're an airbnb owner -- like, I can't possibly list all the cool things that random people have access to, so why would I limit you AND me?

6. I get bored of shooting in the same places. I don't want my artwork to be so formulaic. It's fun to shoot in new places, and have new challenges.

Like ... seriously, I can keep going, but I think you get the drift.

Decide where you're going to have your session at: 

Boudoir sessions can take place almost anywhere.

Here are the most common places people choose:

  • AirBnbs - great because they're unique and there is very little or zero personal effects (knicknacks, family photos, etc)

  • Vacation Homes/Lake Houses/Cabins etc - great for privacy, but also has a familiar feel

  • Their own house. - a great option for the budget conscious

  • Hotel Suites - hotel rooms are usually very limited in size and variety, but suites usually offer a great mix of furniture and are always super clean and usually have subtle color palettes.

  • Friend's or family's houses - great option for the budget conscious who are worried about blowing the secret, if this is a gift.

What makes a good shooting location?

  • subtle color palettes, or pops of colors that you like 

  • spacious bedrooms and living areas 

  • little decor, especially knicknacks and personal effects 

  • fun props - this can include old school telephones, lots of plants, big mirrors, chandeliers, fur rugs and blankets, really anything

  • pretty flooring and cream, beige or white walls, no yellow or pink!

  • just make sure it's simple, and timeless, or fun and funky -- consider what kind of photos you'll want to look back on, and match it up! 

Don't forget that you're able to do a session LITERALLY ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Don't limit yourself to your city that you live in.

All you have to do is pay for my plane ticket, and we can do your session in Santorini, Greece, Cabo, Mexico, Portland, Oregon, Portland Maine -- like, the world is your oyster, man!

You do not need to have my permission to choose any city in the United States. You just need to contact me before renting to make sure I can make it on that date.

Check out the calendar here, and send an email with the date you're looking at before booking your hair and makeup artist or your rental location.

*Tip: Be aware that not every location will like that you're doing a photo shoot in their space, so its up to you to make sure it's okay with the owner or management of the property.

If you already have a place in mind for a session, and you're ready to book, here's your link to book!

Do you have the expose yet? It has basically ALLLLLLL of the information that you could possibly ever wonder about -- including the pricing menu, Cherry Tree philosophy, and what the timeline of a session looks like. Get your copy below!

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