Sleepover chat! Today: makeup!

The way I see it is there’s three distinct path’s to go down with makeup for photography.




No one can tell you which one that you will prefer, but I’d wager that you already know!

The intention of makeup is to help you express yourself. It's to make you feel different. It's for fun. It's for variety. It's for FANTASY. Before you keep reading, try to think of and keep in mind which makeup-style-road you might prefer to travel down.

Bare faces should be normalized, just like real bodies -- there is no question about that. Makeup should be something that is simply a vehicle of self expression and if  makeup feels oppressive vs. expressive, than we're making some mistakes somewhere around here.

Let's discuss that briefly.

Makeup can be both oppressive and expressive.

If makeup is OPPRESSIVE - it means that somewhere along the line the wear-er is feeling obligated to wear it. Whether they're in a professional environment where the handbook states that certain staff members should be wearing makeup to look "put together" or "professional" or because they feel some stigma around not wearing it from an external source.

Choosing to wear makeup because you're going out for a fun night out, or because you're playing a character on a stage are examples of expressive use of makeup.

On a day-to-day basis, whether you are choosing to wear makeup or not, I respect that!

Makeup for photography is an incredible way to help you express the character that you want to portray during your session. As the subject of the portrait, you need to "stick out" from your environment, and playing up the features that you like the most is important!

Remember, #2 of the 4 keys to a stellar boudoir session? "A great style that makes them feel confident, both via wardrobe and beauty."

Boudoir is meant to be fun, sassy, and exciting. And this can be a great time for you to investigate what it is that lies underneath your shell. Makeup is an important part of showing up to a photo shoot..

And no, I don’t mean that you need makeup to be yourself, or to be seen as “put together” or that if you decide makeup isn’t for you that you aren’t beautiful.

I only mean this from a photographer’s perspective. Makeup helps define your features on the camera, and if makeup isn’t something that you want to define your artwork, that is totally fine too …. but you still need to have some on!

If you're not sure which is best for you, the best way to decide is to practice on yourself, or find a friend who is willing to let you play with their collection, if you don’t have very much to practice with. You don’t need to be that great at applying makeup to get a feel for what you would like the most.

You can also go to makeup counters in department stores, or book a consultation with a makeup artist to discuss what they think would be best for you too! A lot of times these are free! Just put on your thinking cap and make a couple phone calls.

Regardless how you come to the decision, you should spend some time looking through makeup looks and see which ones jump out at you the most.

Here’s what I recommend you search for on Pinterest and google images to narrow down which path you’d like to take.

Try searches like:

•Vampy Makeup Look

•Bold Makeup Look

•Smokey Makeup Look

•Sultry Makeup Look

•Natural Glam Makeup Look

•Natural Makeup Look

•Glam Makeup Look

•Retro Makeup Look

I’ve photographed people with every style you could think of from natural to retro to ultra-glam.

And if you want my advice, this is the time to try something bold for yourself. It may not mean that you choose a “BOLD” makeup look, it just means that you try something thats a little more out of your comfort zone.

Regardless of the route you choose to take, and regardless of whatever makeup look you choose to express yourself with, I want to make sure that YOU KNOW that makeup artists are working for YOU. You ALWAYS have the right to tell a makeup artist that you don't like where they are going with your look, that you're feeling uncomfortable, or to make requests to them. They are service professionals, and if you don't like what you receive they haven't done their job.

As your photographer it is my job to make sure that you feel like a trillion bucks on the day of your shoot, and if you start your style off on the wrong foot we might get lost on the way!

Lipsticky kisses to you —

Here’s a link, in case you’re ready to book!

Hey, if you're not ready's cool. But you should totally check out the expose! It's free, and there's no risk. Check it out below, boss!

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