Take the reins - you're the boss!

When you have your own session, you really are the boss. I am just there to facilitate great photos. 

But what does that mean?

What is it that you have to take into consideration?

Why do I let you do it?

What if you mess it up??

That's not going to happen, and I'll tell you why.

Here are the 4 key ingredients to a great boudoir session.

Great boudoir photos have 4 key ingredients.

1. A subject who is open to the process — that's you!

2. A great style that makes them feel confident, both via wardrobe and beauty.

3. A great environment to shoot in.

4. A great photographer who directs the subject into poses — that's me!

In the past the best photo shoots have all come from times where I let the client choose everything. My guess is that it was because I was being challenged, and that's always exciting!

But what if something does go wrong??

Once a person had booked their own airbnb, and the owner of the location double booked the room that the client had chosen, and ended up giving us a room that ...

well I don't think it was meant to be on airbnb.

It was dusty, it was cramped, it had big cat pictures all over the wall. 

Yes, I mean large and small art prints of leopards, cheetahs, tigers, and panthers. And oh god knickknacks GALORE, small frames of old black and white photos...maybe family members?  

It was tough. It really was. I didn't have the ability to clean the entire room before we could start,  I could barely get my client and I in the same room. Thankfully I remembered to bring a step ladder to get some variety in the shots, and luckily the comforter on the bed was a reasonable color.

When we walked in for the first time I thought for sure there was no way that I was going to be able to pull this off as a beautiful environment.

But actually, that was the only option I had. 

What kind of excuse would it be for me to say I can't shoot here? Even though its already paid for, your makeup is already done, you've already gotten dressed, and we're both ready to shoot??

Yes that is a big cat art print above her toes.

What if something goes wrong with your makeup?

It can totally happen. Sometimes makeup artists do their best, but some freak incident occurs.

Here are three different examples of rogue rouge.

This was the nightmare that I didn't know I could have. I don't know if the artist forgot to put primer on that eyelid, or if it was just a challenge from the universe for me, but do you know how difficult it is to photo shop shimmer? It's essentially impossible, or at least I don't know how. I am still so proud of how these turned out.

With this one, racoon wasn't really the look that we were going for, so I swept away the fall out from her heavy eye makeup, which overall I LOVE. I'm a sucker for a dark smokey eye, though, what can I say. I'm sure that you can agree, she looks infinitely more youthful and awake in the after.

This was is a bit more subtle, but I'm including it because the client actually complained about her lipstick specifically. You can see that the bottom lip's edge is a bit haphazard, and doesn't go all the way to her ridge lines on either the top or bottom. Overall this made her lips look thinner, which wasn't a look she appreciated. It also smudged on the corner of her mouth, so I took care of that too.  

The point is that we are shooting in the real world, here. These kinds of things happen, and it's my job to make sure that you receive a quality product, after your shoot.

That is why I offer Love Your Photos Guarantee. You also get to see a proof of your albums, calendars, and wall art before they are ever sent for order, and I request that you sign off on the completed product, so you have full control from beginning to end. I always listen to you, and make sure that you're happy from beginning to end.

It's up to you to take ownership of your session.

You choose the location, you choose the makeup team, you choose the wardrobe, and at the end, you confirm that you love the retouching and only ever order what it is that you love.

You're the boss, put me to work.

Here is your link to the expose, if you haven't seen it yet, what are you doing??

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