The end all be all of your objections.

There's only 3 real objections when it comes down it it. And that's an objection about the 




Which one is it?

Seriously, if you're reading these blogs, what is the hang up?? 

Let’s see. 

Maybe it’s the person— meaning me -- why haven’t you clicked off yet? Do you enjoy the content? (BOO-YA!)

I’m just a person.

Why are you afraid? Why are you scared of me taking your photos? Why can't you move past it?

I'm a specialist who is accepting of everyone's choices to be themselves.

My goal is to empower you to love this spirit vehicle that we call the body. I will love you for who you are, and the love that you are showing your physical self.

[Sidebar: Compensate the content creators you love, by watching the ads in front of their videos, buying their affiliate link products or shopping amazon through their links, subscribing to their patreon accounts, buying their services, sharing them with your friends — whatever it is that they’re asking you to do that you can do, because it is hard to show up every day.]  

Maybe it’s the product that you don’t like. 

Maybe you don’t see the value in having a huge gorgeous portrait of yourself looking BAD ASS and READY to take on the world every day. 

Maybe you don’t see the value in having a little black book to take out when you’re feeling low, to raise your spirits. 

Maybe you don’t see the value in having your hair and makeup all done up, and receiving the pose coaching from me, making sure that every flawless curve and angle is captured. 

Maybe you think, meh, I could get a friend to do this, and it would look just as good (it wont). 

Maybe you think that your products wont look as good as you think, because you’re afraid that with you as the model, they wont be valuable. You won’t look good. You won’t even want them (You will).

I can’t tell you whether or not the products are valuable, or worth what I’m charging you, to you. 

Unfortunately, no one can do that for you.

But I’ve made a VERY conscious effort to minimize the risk that is involved with your products. With the Love Your Photos Guarantee you never purchase anything that you’re not in love with. Like — it says it right in the name! 

In case you're not aware, this is how the LYPG works. 

  1. You have your session. 

  2. You go away for a bit — lunch, coffee whatever. 

  3. You come back and see your photos. They’ll be lightly edited to give you an idea of what they’ll look like. One of them will be completely edited so you’ll understand the difference between what you’re seeing and what you’re buying. 

  4. You *THEN* and only then, and only if you want to, select a package and products. You can decline purchasing photos. Seriously there is no risk involved in purchasing photos from Cherry Tree. 

You might say, oh, it’s just the price. It’s so expensive. It’s too much. I can’t afford that. Jeez what do you think, I’m made of money? Money doesn’t grow on trees. 


I know that they’re worth what I’m charging.

Because they are one of a kind.

Because they’re priceless

Because they take me a lot of time to make. 

Because there isn’t risk involved for you— really, there’s risk involved for me.

Because regardless of whether or not you choose to purchase your artwork you still get to go to work on Monday. 

For me this is my livelihood. I choose to do this for my living, because working with people to make incredible artwork for them to look at every day, to help them raise their vibrations to “ass kicker” and “life changer” is my calling. 

Because making people feel like they’re valuable in their physical spirit vehicles -- regardless of what is going on in their lives that day -- is why I’m here. 

I’m a sexual abuse survivor, and while statistically the people who come to me aren’t all sexual abuse survivors (about 20% of them are, though!), they’re all survivors of something. 

And the artwork we create together doesn’t change their past, or my past. 

But it changes our presents, and our futures. 

You don’t need to be broken to receive value from your boudoir session, obviously. 

You’ll just have to have one to see if it gives you value. 

And with payment plans that don’t involve credit checks or interest payments, I don’t see how this objection even makes any sense.

You pay for your retainer, yeah. And if that is what is too expensive for you, I’ve got news for you honey — you can save your change for a year and you'll cash in at least $99 into a coinstar if you put your mind to it.

Your objections as to why you haven’t booked your session are either that you 

  1. don’t like my art style — that's cool. It’s still great to have you around!

  2. You don’t like something about yourself. — and I don’t like that, and I hope that through my content I can help you love yourself.

Because regardless of your thoughts on yourself, I love you for being here. 

If you’re ready to book, then you know what to do. 

If you’re not, you should send me an email and tell me what it is that is holding you back. Seriously! Don't be shy!

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