This is how to look hotter

Okay, don’t lie, everyone wants to look hotter. The best part about all of this is that it doesn’t involve going under a knife, expensive skin care, or to be honest, even a diet or exercise regimen. Did I lose you? You’re probably like, “yeah, whatever, obviously this is too good to be true.”


But seriously that’s the attitude that will stop this from working right in its tracks, before you even start trying. That voice came from the same person who talks to you in that nasty voice, saying you're ugly in the first place. Your thighs this, your tummy that. See, thoughts become things. [Oh, by the way in case you were unaware, I’m pretty hippy dippy, skippy.] When you look at yourself in the mirror and point out all the stuff you hate, you are telling the Universe that you notice it, and by giving your attention to it you invite more of it.   Here’s what to do instead: Look in the mirror tell yourself how hot you ARE. Not how hot you’re gonna be. Not how hot you wanna be. Not how hot you wish you were. Not how hot you’ll never be.

Literally it’s that simple. When you tell yourself that you’re ugly, or fat, or — for that matter anything — stupid, awkward, funny, creative, supportive your brain doesn’t know the difference, and you become more of those things. It only knows the words. It only feels the feelings. It only sits inside your skull, doing its best, to help you get through life. And when you let it run around doing whatever it feels like — never controlling the word-vomit, letting it rebel against you, regurgitating the bullshit that you’ve heard from your critics

-- you’re not doing anyone any favors. You're cursing yourself to live a half life — where you look in the mirror (or avoid it completely) and manifest more of what you hate. EXAMPLE: I don't like my hooded eyes. (You see, I love eyeshadow. Tis a cursed life, those who have hooded eyes and love dramatic eyeshadow...I digress.) 

But commenting on them in the mirror .... who does that help?? Would it hurt me to say “My eyes are huge, and open.” instead? Who cares if I'm lying. I guarantee that if I go to a friend and say “are my eyes ugly?” They’d be like “wtf?” So, basically, you’re already lying when you talk shit to yourself. Quit it.

We already know what society tells you that can do to make yourself traditionally hotter. You can take care of your skin, hair, teeth, nails, eat a lot of vegetables, be active, drink a shit load of water. But recognize that hotness is truly only confidence perceived by the eye, and confidence is the feeling of certainty about the truth of something. So stop talking shit to yourself. That will make you hotter. Try it for a month. Every time you walk by a mirror say 
“DAYYYYYYUM.” When you’re ready, I’m ready too.

But hey, you can always download the expose, if you're not quite ready, and have some more questions. :)

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