You need a vacation.

It's just a guess. With the holidays in full swing, it's probably pretty likely to be accurate.

In 2019, only 28% of Americans planned to max out their vacation days, and even if during 2020 you had some unexpected time off, my guess is that it was anything but restful.

Studies have shown that taking vacation can make you more productive, and even have some real health benefits, even lowering the risk of heart related disease and attacks. Of the top 10 most productive countries in the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development),  nine of them were in Europe, which boasts a much higher priority on usage of vacation benefits and the US is only number 6.

Plus, this doesn't even include maternity and paternity leave...which we won't be getting into here, but you can probably guess my stance on.  

Not to mention, since the early 2010's for most of us, and the 90s and or even late 80s for the wealthiest of us with pagers and PDA's, we have been inching closer and closer to permanently being connected to the internet, but most irritatingly, work. 96% of Americans own a cellphone, and as of February of 2019, 81% of Americans carry smart phones, up from 35% in 2011 -- not to mention the smart phone of 2011 was a BlackBerry. You remember how basically impossible it was to be on the internet of a BlackBerry?

According to a recent British poll, majority of people cited the following activities are most common activities on their phones: 

  • texting – 88% 

  • e-mail – 70%

  • Facebook – 62%

  • camera – 61%

  • reading news – 58%

  • online shopping – 56%

  • checking the weather – 54%

  • WhatsApp – 51%

  • Banking – 45%

  • YouTube – 42%


But what's the point that I'm trying to make here?

Oh, right.


You need a vacation where you can get away, for real. You need to unplug, and be somewhere where you actually want to be, doing things that you actually want to do.

You need to see the sights of a new place.

Traveling can bring a lot of benefits such as enhancing creativity, impacting your openness, reducing stress, boosting happiness even before you leave, and -- if you're able -- strengthens relationships with travel companions.

You're also able to stay "out of your head" more easily while you're traveling, because your mind is so focused on taking in the new surroundings. This is double if you visit a country where their official language is not the same as your native language. Your mind gets so accustomed to seeing the same things all the time that it stops really seeing them. This gives your mind the opportunity to mull over the same things over and over, and depending on the season of your life, might be tedious or painful.

If having a boudoir session is something that you're considering for yourself, consider having it in a new location, that you're not familiar with. It doesn't have to be in a foreign country, and you don't have to jet-set to get there, unless you want to.

Schedule your session for a Friday, and spend the weekend checking out an area that you're not used to. You'll get the value from it whether its a 2 hour car trip away, or across the country by plane. There are great places out there, that don't cost an arm and a leg to get to, all you have to do is check it out. Start by going to and search a few different cities... find a cool photo shoot location, and just...see what happens. :)

If you're going to have a photo shoot that is going to change your life, and inject some excitement, consider going hard before you go home!

Of course, if you need a little more time, and have questions that you want to investigate before booking, you should check in the expose. It has like 99% of all questions you could possibly need to know the answer to!

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